Gas Boiler Servicing and Repairs

Keep your heating and hot water working efficiently with our Annual Boiler, system and hot water Servicing​ and repairs

​A central heating system is now standard in almost all homes but when it fails, your home suddenly feels less, well homely.

Annual servicing can help prevent unexpected breakdowns and costs as by checking the components of your heating and hot water system small niggles can be fixed and temperamental components can be replaced before they fail.

Regular servicing also ensures that your boiler is safe and working at its most efficient, saving you money on your gas bill.

Obviously, servicing can't stop parts from failing but a service will ensure that everything is working correctly and thereby reduce the likelihood of unexpected repairs and increase the lifespan of your boiler and system.

Why choose MK Water Power & Gas?

As a Gas Safe Registered company ​(number 601783) operating in North London, we offer a comprehensive service that not only includes the boiler but also all the other major components of your heating and hot water, such as the controller, thermostats, motorised valves, radiators and safety valves. 

This is more than a simple safety check or quick boiler check.

We do the lot. - All for one, simple price.

We have the knowledge, we have the experience, we are honest and we are the right people.

​For more information or to book your service or repair  -

Get in touch, by phone 07932 875 737, email or our contact form here

​Did you know?


  • Whoever you choose to service or repair you boiler, you should only ​allow Gas Safe Registered engineers to work on your boiler. We are Gas Safe Registered - Number: 601783.
  • Modern boilers are now installed with parts and labour guarantees (or warranties) of up to 10 years. BUT, only if they are installed according to the Manufacturers instructions, by a Gas Safe Registered engineer AND have a service every year!

Why should you service your boiler every year?

  • ​If boilers are not properly maintained not only do they break down sooner and more often but they also ​will suffer a shorter lifespan.
  • ​Whilst boiler have many safety devices, boilers and heating systems that are not operating correctly or have been badly maintained may expose the people in the property to dangers such carbon monoxide poisoning, electrical faults and more.
  • ​ALL boiler manufacturers recommend that you service your boiler every year.
  • Many new boilers come with parts and labour warranties between 2 and 10+ years but a condition of those warranties is that the boiler must be serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer every year. Without the annual service you warranty, should you need it, will not be honored by the Manufacturer.
  • In the UK it is the Law that Landlords must have their boilers serviced and a safety inspection carried out every year.

​What we include in our boiler and system service:

  • A visual inspection of the boiler, flue, pump, valves, hot water cylinder, visible pipework and controls to ensure they are in good working order and installed in accordance with all relevant regulations.
  • ​A flue performance check including readings for CO and CO2 performance.
  • Examination and cleaning of the internals of your boiler (varies by manufacturer and model) including an inspection of all visible components for leaks or damage.
  • Checking and adjusting, if necessary, of burner pressure and gas rates.
  • Check and bleed all radiators
  • ​Confirm that all motorised valves are working properly
  • Check that the pump is healthy and set at the correct speed.
  • Confirm performance of hot water system and related controls.
  • Check that the heating controls are operating correctly and to your satisfaction.
  • Check storage tanks in the loft are clear, clean and operating correctly (if accessible).

​For more information or to book your service or repair  -

Get in touch, by phone 07932 875 737, email or our contact form here

Landlords safety certificates

In the UK all rented properties, whether short term or long term, have to have an annual Landlords Safety Inspection

(more information can be found on the Gas Safe Register website here)

As a Gas Safe registered engineer, we can carry out these inspections and supply the relevant paperwork to satisfy your legal gas obligations as a Landlord. We can also complete an annual service of your system and boiler at the same time for a reduced, combined price.

If you would like to discuss regular Landlords Safety Certificates for multiple properties, ​get in touch to discuss options and prices here.

​Our services include:

> Heating and Plumbing system design

> Boiler and system servicing

> Boiler and System Repairs

> Hot Water system repairs

​> Landlords Safety Certificates

> ​Hot water system upgrades

> ​Radiator installation or moving

> Radiator replacements

> General Plumbing

> ​Water Leaks

> ​​Power Flushing

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